3943-1520 3-in-1 Slot Punch

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3943-1520 3-in-1 Slot Punch for Company Badges

Our 3-in-1 slot hole punch is handheld, portable and highly efficient. This tool gives you the ability to accomplish a variety of different tasks, from hole punching to rounding corners, without having to gather and switch out different equipment. Specs for this ID badge hole punch are as follows:

  • Punches ¼” holes, ⅛” x ½” slots
  • Rounds corners 3.5mm (ability to round through 20 sheets of 20-lb paper)
  • Adjustable center guide in ⅛” increments

Other features that make this particular slot punch an excellent choice for your business are its durability and convenience. The punch heads are made of strong alloy, ensuring that they can keep up with high-capacity business needs. For your convenience, our ID badge hole punches come with a clipping receptacle for minimal cleanup.