Evolis RT4F010AAA Color Ribbon - YMCKO - 500 prints

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Evolis RT4F010AAA Color Ribbon (YMCKO) 500 Prints

The Evolis Avansia YMCKO ribbon uses a CMYK color printing process, creating full color images with crisp text. This ribbon must be paired with an Avanasia-compatible retransfer film ribbon.

This Evolis ribbon for Avansia card printers works with the printing system, dividing colors into yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C). By varying heat, the printer can apply precise amounts of dye to create full-color images. The black (K) layer uses a resin that goes on full strength for sharp, even text. Over-the-edge sizing ensures 100% of the card is covered. Each roll of Avansia YMCKO ribbon can produce 500 prints.