Fargo DTC4250e ID Card Printer with Magnetic Stripe Encoding - Dual-Sided

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Dual-Sided Fargo DTC4250e Card Printer With Magnetic Stripe Encoding

The dual-sided DTC4250e printer and card encoder is an excellent printer for businesses looking for high-security and high-capacity card printing capabilities. This printer has the ability to print both sides of 100 cards at a time, at 16 seconds per card. This PVC ID card printer is also an energy-efficient printer, allowing companies to align with sustainability goals and initiatives while cutting down on energy costs.

Security measures built into the Fargo DTC4250e dual-sided ID card printer with card encoder include AES-256 encryption for data protection, as well as password-protected software to use with your printer. DTC4250e card printers are also capable of producing holographic foil cards and compatible with fluorescing ribbons; however, they will not produce holographic overlaminates.

The magnetic stripe encoding functionality of this printer is enhanced by the built-in erase and rewrite function. The ability to erase and rewrite these cards can save your business both time and money by reducing the number of new cards you will have to buy and reprint.

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