Fargo DTC1250e ID Card Printer with Ethernet & Magnetic Stripe Encoding - Single-Sided

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HID® Fargo® DTC1250e Single-Sided Card Printer With Ethernet and Mag Strip Encoding

This is one of the top products within the DTC1250e line of printers. With ethernet and magnetic strip encoding, this wireless magnetic stripe writer badge printer offers everything you need for flexibility and efficiency within your business. Ethernet connectivity allows any computers on your secure network to acquire printing capabilities, increasing productivity across your company. With the option for magnetic stripe encoding, the opportunities of potential use cases for your cards expand significantly. This badge printer with a magnetic stripe writer and internet can store data onto your card via a magnetic stripe, which, when read by a decoder, is translated into actionable items. Magnetic stripe cards are great for use in access control management, cashless payment and membership management. Shop our ID printers with magnetic stripe encoder and internet today for competitive pricing and fast shipping. For more information on a DTC1250e printer, click here.